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Christian candidates in Australian Dictionary of Biography

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Sister Ignatius of Jesus - Gertrude ABBOTT (1846-1934), founder of a hospital for women, was born Mary Jane O'Brien. Maverick Catholic & Good Samaritan. Also know as Mother Abbot or Mrs Gertrude. Founder of St Margaret's Hospital, Sydney, NSW.

Charles William ABEL (1862-1930) London Missionary Society missionary, Port Moresby, PNG. Married Sydney, NSW. Worked with John Howard Angas of Adelaide. With evangelist W.L. Moody of USA to found the New Guinea Evangelization Society. "Abel was a religious fundamentalist and a strong individualist. The Kwato system created an elite through what his critics saw as aggressive recruitment, strict discipline and paternalism. On the credit side it discouraged evangelical gloom and was totally free of racial prejudice."

Friedrich Wilhelm ALBRECHT (1894–1984) Lutheran missionary

Marion Ellen Lea ALLNUTT (1896-1980), welfare worker, Anglican, SA

Valentin Andreevich ANTONIEFF (1877-1962), Russian Orthodox priest,
Born: 4 March 1877 Ekaterinoslav region, Ukraine, Russia
Occ: Chaplain to the 1st Siberian Infantry Division, Refugee of Communist Revolution, Emigre in China, Railway Labourer & coalminer iN QLD; priest & Archpriest, Proto-presbyter of the Russian Orthodox Church in Australia
Died: 26 August 1962 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Buried: Toowong cemetery, Brisbane, QLD

George Edward ARDILL (1857-1945), evangelist and social worker, full-time charity organizer gospel temperance campaigner, pioneered the Blue Ribbon Gospel Army

Dr. Katie Louisa ARDILL (1886–1955) [daughter of G.E.A.] anaesthetist, Medical officer at Sydney NSW & in Hospitals at Cairo & Europe in WW1. Made a Dame of grace of the order of the St John Ambulance Association, Admitted to the Order of St John of Jerusalem

Sir George ARTHUR (1784-1854)
Sir George ARTHUR (1784-1854)
Birth: 21 June 1784 Plymouth, Devon, England
Christianity: Calvinist Evangelical Anglican
Occupation: landowner, Lieutenant-Governor
Cross: a martinet (control freak)- the Tyrant of Van Diemens Land
Death: 19 September 1854 England

Edwin 'Eddie' ATKINSON (1888-1952) Baraparapa Aboriginal Preacher, carpenter, handyman, fisherman, fruitpicker, A.I.M. Anglican convert to the Churches of Christ. C of C Clergyman. (Uncle of Pastor Sir Douglas Nichols, who inherited Eddie's ministry)
Ellen nee Campbell ATKINSON (1894-1965), Baraparapa Aboriginal community leader, organist, Sunday School leader


Sarah Jane BAINES (1866-1951), Salvationist, Evangelist, Suffragette, Pacist, Anti-Conscriptionist, Women's Political Association. Melbourne.

Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm 'Willy' BERGMANN (1899-1987) Lutheran free-church missionary at Neuendettelsauer mission, New Guinea, prisoner of War/Internee at Tatura 3, Victoria, Postwar returned to Mission in PNG & QLD. Died QLD

Llewelyn David BEVAN (1842–1918)

Thomas David BEYER (1906-1982), Anglican clergyman and air force chaplain
Born: 6 March 1906 Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia
Detail: Anglican, Ridley College, British Commonwealth Occupation Force in Japan; [Dave Beyer’s approach coupled a robust, practical Christianity with a rich sense of humour] Chaplain in Vietnam
Died: 22 November 1982 Frankston, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

James BICKFORD (1816-1895), Anglican convert to Methodism. Wesleyan Missionary in the West Indies. Wesleyan clergyman, Brighton, S.A.; Bendigo, St Kilda, VIC; Chippendale, NSW. Geelong, VIc. President of the Australasian Wesleyan Conference. Last ministry at Adelaide, S.A. A religious writer, he published 'A lecture on Irish Christianity' (1889), and completed 'An Autobiography of Christian Labour' (London, 1890). Also an immigration promoter & temperance advocate.

Herbert Henry BOOTH (1862-1926), Musician, Salvationist, (son of William Booth, founder of the 'East London Revival Society' which became the Salvation Army) 'An able musician and splendid showman, in 1890 he organized a grand demonstration at the Crystal Palace for which later that year he published Songs of Peace and War.'. The Booths and their three sons arrived in Melbourne on 25 August 1896. Three months later Herbert launched his 'Move-on Manifesto', an ambitious plan for the Australian army based on the general's scheme of social salvation outlined in his In Darkest England and the Way Out (London, 1890)... Cornelie Booth died in 1919. In November 1923, on his return to New York from an evangelistic tour of New Zealand and Australia, Herbert married Australian-born Anna Ethel Lane. She and two sons of his first marriage survived him when he died at Yonkers, New York, on 25 September 1926.

Martin à Beckett BOYD (1893–1972) renouncing Anglican converting late as a Catholic. In youth a Theological student, then a Soldier - defence forces personnel (British). Writer: Novelist, & poet, autobiographer/ memoirist. Harkaway (Narre Warren) & Murrumbeen, Victoria. Writings: Verses, private pub c.1919; Retrospect, 1920; A Single Flame -a war memoir, (1939); Nuns in Jeopardy (1940); Lucinda Brayford (1946); The Cardboard Crown (1952), A Difficult Young Man (1955), Outbreak of Love (1957) and When Blackbirds Sing (1962) etc.

Bishop William Grant BROUGHTON (1788-1853), Church of England bishop
Bishop William Grant BROUGHTON
Born: 22 May 1788 Westminster, Middlesex, England
Occupation : Anglican bishop, Anglican minister NSW & VDL
Death: 20 February 1853 London, England

Eric Henry Stoneley BURHOP (1911–1980) physicist, Salvation Army


Robert CARTWRIGHT (1771-1856), Pioneer Church of England clergyman, Sydney, Bathurst, Goulburn, NSW

CHEONG Cheok Hong (1853?-1928), missionary and social reformer Victoria

Sir William Ian CLUNIES ROSS (1899-1959), veterinary scientist, Leader

George Harvard CRANSWICK (1882-1954) Anglican Clergyman & Bishop, religious writer, NSW & VIC

William Pascoe CROOK (1775-1846), Methodist, L.M.S. missionary, schoolmaster, Congregational pastor, temperance advocate, Sydney, NSW


Margaret Jane 'Retta' DIXON later LONG (1878-1956), missionary, La Perouse NSW - ethnographer, magazine/journal editor, non-denominational missionary, religious writer



Harry Norman FATNOWNA (1897?-1967), sugar-farmer, lay preacher and community leader
Born: 1897 Mackay, Queensland, Australia
Occ: Seventh Day Adventist Preacher
Death: 25 June 1967 Mackay, Queensland, Australia

Robert 'Bobby' FITZSIMMONS (1863-1917), Professional Boxer, sometime Actor, and late Evangelist From Cornwall to NZ to Sydney to the USA

Johann FLIERL (1858-1947) Neuendettelsau Seminary missionary & Lutheran pastor at Bethesda station, Cooper's Creek, SA; Hope Vale, Cooktown, QLD & Simbang, PNG

Arthur Edward FORBES (1881-1946), Baptist & Churches of Christ Clergyman, Army Chaplain in South Africa & with Australian Imperial Forcein Europe (WW1). Missioner with Melanesian cane-cutters with Queensland Evangelization Society. QLD, NSW & VIC.

David FOWLER (1826-1881) grocer & Baptist layman, Adelaide SA

George Swan FOWLER (1839-1896), grocer & Baptist layman, Adelaide SA

Lady Jane FRANKLIN nee Griffiths (1791-1875) Anglican adventurer & benefactor VDL/TAS

Mother Ursula FRAYNE (1816-1885), born Clara Frayne in Ireland. Founder of the Sisters of Mercy in Australia; Mother Superior, Catholic religious sister & schoolmistress; founder of Mercy College, Fitzroy; founder of the St Vincent de Paul's Orphanage at South Melbourne. Died & buried Nicholson St, Fitzroy.

Bishop George Horsfall FRODSHAM (1863-1937), Anglican Priest, Bishop, & Missioner. Towoong, Brisbane & Townsville, QLD. Founder of the North Queensland Auxiliary. Founder of the Community or Bush Brotherhood of St Barnabas. Encourager of evangelistic work among Aboriginals, Polynesians, Chinese and Japanese. Pioneer of the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Townsville, QLD.

Henry FULTON (1761-1840), Anglican minister, Irish rebel, Political convict, emancipist, religious writer, schoolteacher


Charles Mathers 'Jock' GEDDES (1904-1979), Salvation Army officer, Military Chaplain Sydney NSW & QLD

Samuel Thomas GILL (1818-1880), Pioneer landscape painter
Born: 21 May 1818 Perriton, Somerset, England
Place: Arrived South Australia in December 1839. Victoria
Christianity: Baptist, Anglican
Died: 27 October 1880 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Rev. Hugh GILMORE (1842-1891), Primitive Methodist Minister, Newspaper Editor, social reformer, Christian Socialist. Founder of the Christian Commonwealth movement. "Gilmore declared that conversion could not be swift and complete, that the real test of a Christian was not attendance at church or class-meeting and that 'experimental' religion was not enough... He criticized the Evangelicals who saw the world as a spiritual wilderness but neglected to improve its conditions, thus reducing the gospel to religious individualism. He advocated reform of the physical and material aspects of life as a necessary part of Christian conduct..." Adelaide, SA.

Charles Richmond John GLOVER (1870-1936), Lord Mayor of Adelaide, public benefactor, businessman, Ecclesiastical writer - "He published in the church paper 'A brief history of the Church of St John the Evangelist, Adelaide, 1839-1909' and A History of the First Fifty Years of Freemasonry in South Australia, 1834-84 (1916). A book & document collector and Aboriginal ethnological archivist.

Vida Jane Mary GOLDSTEIN (1869-1949), Presbyterian, Australian Church, Unitarian. Suffragette, anti-conscriptionist, newspaperwoman & editor, pacifist, school administrator, women's activist. Portland & Melbourne, VIC.

Herbert Roy Pollock GOLLAN (1892-1968), Baptist, journalist, soldier awarded the Military Cross trade commissioner and diplomat, High Commissioner to India

John GORE (1846-1931), Salvation Army officer
Born: 1846 Sutton, Lincolnshire, England
Bible Christian Church, Salvationist, Railwayman, Salvation Army officer
Died: 28 December 1931 Mortdale, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Anne Syrett GREEN (1858-1936) welfare worker, Inner-city rescue missioner and evangelist, b.Brunswick Vic. to Adelaide, SA. Stepney Christian Church. Adelaide City Mission. Taught English to the Chinese Inititaed ommunity.'rescue work' among prostitutes, a 'flower mission' at Adelaide Hospital. Dorcas Society provide clothing for the poor, work with the homeless of Adelaide, SA. Presbyterian > Baptist > Non-Denominational Christian.

Lady Jane 'Franklin' GRIFFITHS (1791-1875) Anglican adventurer & benefactor VDL/TAS

Francis Xavier GSELL (1872-1960), Catholic missionary and bishop,
Born: 30 October 1872 Benfeld, Alsace-Lorraine, disputed France / Germany
Occ: Melville Island Mission, Darwin, Northern Territory
Death: 12 July 1960 Kensington, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

John Michael GUNSON (1822-1884), medical practitioner, Catholic convert
Born: 1828 Limerick, Ireland
Detail: Adelaide Hospital, Catholic Young Men's Society, Hibernian Benefit Society, Adelaide Philosophical Society, a Knight of St Gregory the Great, University of Adelaide
Died: 28 December 1901 Windsor, Victoria, Australia


Fr William HALL (1807-1866), missionary Catholic priest, VDL/TAS
Born: 1807 London, England
Death: 17 July 1866 Hobart Town, VDL, Tasmania, Australia
Memorial: windows, St Mary's Cathedral and St Joseph's Church, Hobart, TAS

Thomas Chatterton HAMMOND (1877-1961), Anglican clergyman and college principal

Joseph Jehoshaphat HARPUR (1810-1878), journalist and member of parliament
Born: 1810 ?
Detail: converted to Catholicism, journalist, land reformer, Member of Lower House,
protectionist politician, public servant, temperance advocate
Death: 2 May 1878 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

John HARRIS (1754-1819), L.M.S. missionary at Tonga, schoolmaster, Preacher of Sydney, NSW, Chaplain of Convicts on Norfolk Island

Frederick Waldegrave HEAD (1874-1941), Anglican archbishop

Laura Margaret HOPE (1868-1952), medical missionary in Bengal, India - awarded the Kaisar-i-Hind medal
Dr. Charles Henry Standish HOPE (1861–1942) eye surgeon, Bengal & SA



George Alfred JUDKINS (1871–1958) Methodist reformer

William Henry JUDKINS (1869–1912) Methodist reformer

Sir William John 'Jack' JUNGWIRTH (1897-1981), public servant
Born: 10 August 1897 Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria,
Detail: Methodist & Presbyterian, charity worker, public servant, public service head
[Department of Lands, Chief Secretary’s Department, Department of Premier; State director of Queen Elizabeth II’s 1954 national tour; member of Independent Order of Rechabites, Y.M.C.A., Orana Children’s Home and Overton Homes for the Aged]
Died: 25 January 1981 Kew, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Robert Cummin KATTER (1918-1990), businessman and politician,
Born: 5 September 1918 South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Died: 18 March 1990 Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia

Eduard Friedrick KOHLER (1890-1964), sculptor, QLD & WA
Born: 27 May 1890 Tarampa, Queensland, Australia
Died: 28 June 1964 Perth, Western Australia, Australia


Michael James 'Mick' LEAHY (1901-1979) Catholic, Adventurer, Explorer, QLD & PNG Pioneer, Coffee Planter, Goldminer, travel writer. Also his Brothers, Patrick, James, & Daniel.

Betsy 'Bessie' LEE (nee Vickery) (1860-1950) Temperance evangelist from Daylesford, Vic to Pasedena, USA. Pioneer of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union in Victoria. Public Campaigner, Public speaker 'She acknowledged heavenly direction as a speaker and was admired for her fluency and sincerity.'. Religious writer of: Marriage and Heredity (Melbourne, 1893), One of Australia's Daughters: an Autobiography (London, 1906) and One of God's Lamplighters: Incidents in my Life Work (London, 1909).

Margaret Jane (nee DIXON) 'Retta' LONG (1878-1956), missionary, La Perouse NSW - ethnographer, magazine/journal editor, non-denominational missionary, religious writer

James LYALL (1827-1905), Presbyterian minister, Adelaide, 'a devout and faithful minister of the older Presbyterian school and a powerful preacher' SA Moderator of the Presbyterian chuych & supporter of Presbyterian missions.


'Fr. LEO' Christianus Leonardus Maria MAAS (1911-1973) Dutch Migrant Chaplain, Catholic priest
Born: 24 December 1911 Helmond, Netherlands
Detail: Society of the Divine Word Missionary, Flores, Netherlands East Indies (Indonesia). Prisoner of War of Japanes on Pare, Celebes (Sulawesi). Dutch community leader, immigration promoter, Pioneer of Kew migrant reception hostel
Died: 8 July 1973 Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Sir Samuel McCAUGHEY (1835-1919) Presbyterian, pastoralist and philanthropist, Benefactor of the Dreadnought Fund, Dr Barnardo's Homes & the Red Cross, plus. From Antrim, Ireland to Yanco, NSW.

Andrew Kidd McGAW (1873-1956), Christian Brethren, Employer & Industrial Benefactor, company agent, Manager. Also Chairman of the Bible Society, & the Benevolent Society in Burnie, TAS. Died: Melbourne, VIC.

Ronald George MacINTYRE (1863-1954)Catholic, then Presbyterian Theologian, the convert to Protestantism, Presbyterian clergyman, Presbyterian theologian, theological college teacher. Melbourne & Sydney

Neil Harcourt MacNEIL (1893-1946), Presbyterian. Greek and Latin scholar. Soldier awarded the Military Cross. Headmaster - Knox Grammar School, Sydney; Wesley College, Melbourne. Founder of Fairbridge Farm Schools, NSW.

Governor Lachlan Macquarie (1762-1824) Sydney, NSW - benefactor

Donald Norman McLEOD (1848-1914) Anglican, evangelistic & charitible donor,& public benefactor, farmer, pastoralist, politician Geelong VIC

Sylwanos 'Sylvanous' MANSOUR [aka Youssef Elias ASSAD](1854-1929), 'the fighting Melkite priest'
Born: 24 February 1854 Ras-Ba'albeck, Syria (now Lebanon)
Occ: Melkite parish priest to Australia, Archimandrite
Died: 18 November 1929 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Buried: Rookwood cemetery, Sydney, NSW

Conrad MARTENS (1801-1878), artist,
Born: 1801 London, England
Died: 21 August 1878 North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Silas MEAD (1834-1909), Baptist minister SA & WA

Sir Walter Logie Forbes MURDOCH (1874-1970), popular essayist and university professor and chancellor
Born: 17 September 1874 Rosehearty, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Occ: academic, anthologist, editor, biographer, columnist, essayist, literary critic
radio commentator, schoolteacher, university chancellor
Presbyterian & Anglican
Died: 30 July 1970 South Perth, Western Australia, Australia



Jeremiah Francis O'FLYNN (1788-1831), Irish-Australian-American Catholic priest
Born: 25 December 1788 Kerry, Ireland
Death: 8 February 1831 Pennsylvannia, United States of America


Theophylactos PAPATHANASOPOULOS(1891-1958), Greek Orthodox bishop,
Born: 1 January 1891 Pyrgos, Greece
Death: 2 August 1958 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

John Gibson PATON (1824–1907) Presbyterian missionary

Joseph Henry PERRY (1863-1943), Salvationist and showman
Orizaba George PERRY (1888–1950) Salvationist and showman
Reginald Harry PERRY (1890–1981) Salvationist cinema manager
Stanley Wesley PERRY (1893–1975) Salvationist cinema manager

Seraphim PHOCAS (1839?-1917), Greek Orthodox teacher & priest, Greek & Arabic language
Born: 1839 Madytus (Eceabat), south of Gallipoli, Turkey
Died: 15 August 1917 Sydney, New South Wales
Buried: Waverley cemetery, Sydney, New South Wales



Johann RADECKI (1865-1955), iconographer, stained-glass designer [born Russian Poland -died Sydney NSW

Henry REED (1806-1880) of Tasmania
Born: 28 December 1806 Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
Christianity: Evangelical, Methodist,
Occupation : benefactor (general), businessman, merchant, landowner, preacher, Member of Upper House, Methodist lay leader, sealer, shipowner, whaler
Death: 10 October 1880 at Mount Pleasant, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - BIO: - ADB Online

Ivan Dmitrievitch REPIN (1888-1949), Russian Orthodox coffee-shop proprietor and coffee importer
Born: 5 January 1888 Novgorod district, Russia
Died: 20 June 1949 Paddington, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Corra RIDGEWAY - nee ROBERTSON (1892–1975) Aboriginal Baptist, A.I.M. Supporter

Sidney William RIDGEWAY (1895-1959) Aboriginal labourer, A.I.M. Supporter, reader at the Church of Christ, Bankstown, NSW

William Joshua 'Willy' ROBERTS (1863-1939) Anglican churchman, stockbroker, benefactor & philanthropist. Goldfields Victoria to Melbourne. A Leader of the Melbourne Stock Exchange. 'He was a founder and life governor of Trinity Grammar School, chairman of St Martin's Home and St John Evangelist's Homes for Boys, and a member of the committee of management of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. 'Willy' Roberts, 'a bit of a sport and something of a churchman.'

John ROSEBY (1835–1898) preacher, alderman, magistrate, monument-mason. Sydney
Thomas ROSEBY (1844-1918), Congregational minister, Sydney

Fr.William Anthony ROSS (1895-1973) Catholic priest & missionary, from New York, USA to Mount Hagen, PNG

'Apostle of The Western District' Francis Thomas Cusack RUSSELL (1823-1876), Church of England clergyman
Born: 1823 Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland
Died: 7 February 1876 at sea - enroute returning from Europe to Australia

William Woolls RUTLEDGE (1849-1921) Methodist minister, army chaplain, temperance advocate. Parramatta & Sydney, NSW


'DUN GORG' Georgio Francesco SCERRI (1910-1980) Maltese-Australian priest
"DUN GORG" Georgio 'Francesco' SCERRI
Born: 16 May 1910 Qormi, Malta
Occ: Catholic priest, Missionary Society of St Paul; Maltese community leader
'On 13 July 1980 Scerri was savagely assaulted in the society's residence, St Mary's Mission House, Sydney Road, Brunswick, by a person or persons unknown. He died from his injuries on 4 August that year in Royal Melbourne Hospital and was buried in Melbourne general cemetery. The death of 'Dun Gorg' (Father George), as he was affectionately known, horrified and stunned the Maltese community and the public at large.' Died: 4 August 1980 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Gerdt Hugo Emmanuel SELLHEIM (1901-1970), architect and graphic designer
Born: 31 December 1901 Viljandi (Vil'yandi), Estonia (then under Russia)
Detail: Lutheran architect, farm labourer, graphic designer, Prisoner-of-War /Internee
Died: 3 January 1970 Lane Cove, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Dayal SINGH (1901-1962) Baptist Christian convert: 'After attending an open-air meeting conducted by John Ridley, a Baptist evangelist, in October 1929 at Lismore, Singh had become a Christian. For three decades the Baptist Church benefited from his initiative and industry' bridge Builder, Road Maker, engineering contractor. Lismore & New England, NSW. A memorial window in the Baptist chapel at Evans Head bears witness to his faith.

Dr. John SINGLETON (1808-1891), physician and philanthropist, Melbourne, VIC

Arnold Oskar Hermann Gregori von SKERST (1888-1948), Financier, ex-Nazi propagandist, merchant, entrepreneur, agent, Soviet 'diplomat', language teacher, journalist, broadcaster, journal editor, spy, right-wing activist, Prisoner of War, Internee,
Born: 10 December 1888 Riga, Latvia, under Czarist Russia
Christianity: Russian Orthodox, Catholic, Syrian Orthodox
Died: 24 December 1948 Randwick, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Christina SMITH (1809?-1893), teacher and missionary
Born: 25 July 1809 Glenyon, Perthshire, Scotland
Detail: Presbyterian missionary, Indigenous culture recorder, South Australia [Smith, C. - The Booandik Tribe of South Australian Aborigines]
Death: 28 April 1893 Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia

William Saumarez SMITH (1836-1909) Evangelical Anglican priest, Missionary, Bishop & Archbishop. Poet & Gentleman. Writer of 'Obstacles to Missionary Success Among the Heathen (1868)' & 'Capernaum and Other Poems'. Bishop of Madras, India & Archbishop of Sydney, NSW

'Mr Eternity' Arthur Malcolm STACE (1885-1967) Eternity announcer & pavement scribe, reformed alcoholic, ex-soldier, eccentric, street character. Redfern & Sydney, NSW.

Sir Bertram Sydney Barnsdale STEVENS (1889-1973), Methodist, accountant, Premier of NSW


Lancelot Edward THRELKELD (1788-1859), Congregational minister, missionary to Aborigines at Reid's Mistake (Belmont) on Lake Macquarie, NSW

William George TORR (1853-1939), Bible-Christian, headmaster, theological college head, Religious writer. Adelaide SA


David UNAIPON (1872-1967), preacher, author and inventor, SA


Ebenezer VICKERY (1827-1906), Methodist, benefactor, coalmine owner, free trade politician, general merchant, grazier, iron and steel manufacturer, landowner, Member of Upper House NSW, protectionist, ship-owner, shoe/boot manufacturer, funder of Evangelistic ministries, and philanthropist. Founder of the Sydney Young Men's Christian Association. NSW."A staunch Methodist, Vickery made lavish donations to the Church. In 1901-02 he spent £10,000 on tent missions throughout New South Wales. He bought the Lyceum Theatre in Pitt Street in 1905, spent £27,000 on alterations and gave it to the Church: it was opened in September 1908 as 'The Vickery Mission Settlement.'"

John James VIRGO (1865-1956), Y.M.C.A. Campaigner, administrator and Evangelist. Established the Our Boys' Institute. 'His muscular Christianity suited the Y.M.C.A. Lacking the 'sissified complexes of the goody-goody', he had a gregarious nature and a gentle tolerance... In Melbourne he had declared: 'There is not enough of real Christianity … there is too much of the mushy type. Too much flowery beds of ease and singing oneself away to everlasting bliss, and too little laying hold on life'. Born Adelaide SA - died Parkstone, Dorset. Religious writer of memoirs, '50 Years of Fishing for Men (1930)..


Elizabeth Jane WARD (1842-1908), hatter and milliner, philanthropist, charity worker, federationist, temperance advocate, women's activist, suffragette. Worked for the Sydney Ladies' United Evangelistic Association, Sydney City Mission, member of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union of New South Wales. 'Gentle but resolute, Elizabeth was a 'most indefatigable worker'' Religious writer & autobiographer with 'Out of Weakness Made Strong] (1903). Sydney, NSW.

John WEST, Congregational minister, author and newspaper editor. VDL

John WILLIAMS -of the South Seas (1796-1839), Pioneer missionary

Sir Samuel James WAY (1836-1916) chief justice and lieutenant-governor, Bible Christian, Moonta & Adelaide, SA

X- Y


Christiane Susanne Augustine 'Augusta' ZADOW (1846-1896), trade unionist and factory inspector
Born: 27 August 1846 Runkel, Duchy of Nassau, Deutschland [HOFFMEYER]
Detail: Lutheran to Anglican, women's activist, trade unionist, factory inspector
public servant, women's suffragist [United Trades and Labor Council; Co-operative White Workers' Association; Distressed Women and Children's Fund;
Died: 7 July 1896 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Buried: "The Trades and Labor Council collected nearly 1000 threepenny subscriptions for her tombstone at West Terrace cemetery which honoured her 'Self-denying Efforts on Behalf of the Struggling and Oppressed'"

Gertrude Mary ZICHY-WOINARSKI (1874-1955), community welfare worker
Born: 2 March 1874 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia [Gertrude BRIND]
Detail: Anglican, assist to unemployed and homeless girls, Physician's wife, leader of the Melbourne Ladies' Benevolent Society, Central Councillor of Victorian Benevolent Societies, Victorian State Relief Committee, Evacuation Committee for WW2, Memoir: Women Who Helped Pioneers (Melbourne, 1945),
Died: 4 November 1955 Mordialloc, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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